Our Wildest Side


Today we want to talk a little about our brand, what has inspired it and what we wish to communicate through our creations.

Nour & the merchant comes from a magical place inside our hearts. It is the product of our dreams and we aim to turn the world into the wonderful and adventurous field of our imagination.

The story behind the logo and the brand name is a fairytale. A golden wolf, an extravagant old men from the East, green magical forests and hot dune deserts, witches, dragons, knives and princesses are the character shaping this story, this journey.

The tale of Nour & the merchant is not just about imagination, it is also a story about accepting cultural differences and finding friendship in the strangest places. It is a story of solidarity between cultures but first of all between people. Nour & the merchant is a tale of symbolism of the North and the East, bridging different identities into one.

Our style, both in jewelry and clothing, is not just gypsy or bohemian. We want to reach strong women who love wilderness and folklore, women who are often daydreaming about far away lands, women who love to travel and discover different cultures, women who are not afraid to be different, women who are not afraid to own the magic of fairytales into their daily lives.

If often times you picture yourself riding away on a beautiful horse, dancing with the wolves , traveling across the Sahara desert on a camel or running through the misty forest, we are the brand for you!

All of our products are linked to a unique fairytale and our pieces are exclusive, designed in Italy and limited edition. And there is more! 10% of our sales finance humanitarian and cultural projects in countries affected by war and poverty! Check out our story to find out more about the project we are supporting now!

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