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All of our dresses are precious due to the aesthetic and refinement of each detail. We want to be recognized by our quality, the value of our goal and by our fairytale like style! At the moment our production is limited and therefore extremely unique on the market. Each dress is produced in only 30 pieces and you will be the only one in your town to own it! Furthermore, in addition to the 10% we are donating to important humanitarian projects, we are committed to reduce our impact on the environment by 2020 and are trying hard to achieve this goal by choosing dead-stock and sustainable fabrics for many of our designs and future productions.


We try to ship everywhere but costs are high and we just opened this e-store with a small initial investment, so it is not always easy to afford shipping a dress across the world. If your country doesn’t appear in the shipping options do not despair! Contact us to see if we can arrange a reasonable shipping price for you and we will try to meet your needs with an additional discount on your purchase!

Sizes & returns

As we just started this journey in the fashion world our dresses are one size only but designed in a way that they are able to fit different body types (check the size chart under each dress). However, as we realize that it may be difficult to decide if the dresses can fit you by just looking at the pictures, we want to facilitate the return process as much as possible and allow you to adjust the dress to your size (if possible) for a small additional charge of 25 euros. If the dress doesn’t fit you quite right you can let us know within 7 days after you receive it and we will arrange your return free of charge. If you do not wish to adjust the dress to your size we will refund you after having checked the condition of the dress, otherwise you may give us your sizes by updating a sizing file we will provide to you via email, and we will have your dress adjusted for a small additional charge.

Attention: The dress cannot be returned if it has been used, if the label has been removed, if it is damaged and if it’s been stained. Size adjustments cannot be made if they require to enlarge the dress in parts where this is not physically possible.

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